Spruce Grooming Cream

The good folks at Spruce just sent over a sample of their all-natural Grooming Cream, and I gotta say it’s some pretty impressive stuff. Sort of a cross between a pomade and a styling paste, it’s got a nice amount of hold, but you can still run your hand through your hair, and it adds shine, but not so much that you look like one of The Outsiders. Read more »

Muttonhead Utility Shorts

Why in the world I would need six pockets is beyond me, but I am a man of extravagance and will always take more when it’s offered. Muttonhead’s Utility Shorts are made in Canada out of sturdy cotton twill or canvas and have two side seam pockets, two back pockets and – my personal favorite – two external front pockets for all the knick-knacks and gadgets I will never actually put in them. Read more »