Lifewear Basics

Somehow I’ve never heard of this Lifewear brand, even though, apparently, they’ve been churning out tough-as-nails, Union-made basics in the USA for nearly 70 years. That one’s on me, guys – I’ll try harder next time. Anyway, Urban Excess in the UK just added a handful of styles to their site (yes, I realize it’s a little ridiculous to have to order US-made basics from the UK, but no US stockist carries as many of the products), and everything’s super overbuilt and pretty damn affordable. So, if you’re looking for some legit workwear at legit prices, check it out. 

For price and purchase info, visit Urban Excess.

  • G P

    Their stuff is really good which is what you get when you pay workers what they’re worth. Would be easier to order from unionshirtsupply dot com (idk if I’m allowed to link on here), which ships from PA

  • usaIDLE

    Really great info and the line looks really good. Would a Stan Ray/Gung Ho/Earls Apparel type of collab be in their future?
    Those emerald cords are amazing.