Wax London Navarino 3.0 Macs

There has been a stomach bug going around my office and, lucky for me, I got it and have been shitting my brains out for the last two days! My ass and I are not on good terms right now. “How is Nick going to tie these Wax London Navarino 3.0 Macs to his current bout with bubble guts?” you may ask. Well, it isn’t that they’re made in London from waxed cotton or heavyweight, partially recycled cotton cloth. Or the great orange binding on the interior. No, it’s the amazing cut, which will cover my butt and muffle my toots and that’ll be a benefit to everyone in my general vicinity. Well worth the $310 or $340 pricetag, I reckon. But seriously guys, pray for my ass.

For price and purchase info, visit Wax London.