Boomers and Millennials Have Very Different Shopping Habits (Duh)

As recent meme culture — and the reactions to recent meme culture — have shown, there’s a pretty sizable ideology gap between the generations in 2019. And according to a recent Fashionista piece, that gap is also apparent in holiday shopping habits.

Per the story, come the holidays, “a one-size-fits-all [marketing] strategy isn’t going to work… according to [NPD Group’s] 2019 Holiday Purchase Intentions Survey.” Or, more plainly: “Gen Z is going to spend differently, on different items and at different times than the boomers they currently love to mock.”

How differently? Well, according to the survey, Gen Z is planning to spend the “least out of all generations, and they plan to start on Black Friday to get those deals.” And, somewhat interestingly, “they are less likely than millennials and Gen X to shop online.”

As for those Millennials, 20 percent of them (us?) will “start shopping on Black Friday and the vast majority will shop online,” the story said, and they also, apparently, “have their eyes on electronics, with [46 percent] planning to spend on gadgets.”

Gen X is slated to do the biggest numbers from Black Friday forward, and are “most likely to spend on clothing and accessories, as 68% said they plan to do, as well as entertainment.” The anti-sellout generation is also, notably, “the most likely to shop at mass retailers as well as online-only retailers like Amazon.”

And lastly, those thick-skinned, never hypocritical, ever empathetic Boomers are “expected to plan ahead and start shopping earlier than any other generation” as they spend the second-most after Gen X. “As for where they’ll shop, they plan to go the traditional route, choosing department stores and national chains more than any other age group.” Classic Boomer shit. The whiny fuckers.

You can read more about it at Fashionista.

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