President’s Sweatshirts

Fun fact: I have been taking chain-stitching embroidery classes. OK, actually I have been watching YouTube videos on it, but that’s basically how one takes “classes” in 2019, right? I really want to learn to do it myself and refurbish some old garms, but President’s just came along and told me, “no, you will buy these Tuscan-made Sweatshirts instead.” And I’m like, “wow, those are incredible. Chain-stitched floral embroidery on Italian brushed fleece? Sold! But can I still learn to chain-stitch?” And they’re all like, “Well, yea, I guess, but buy these sweatshirts first.” And I’m like, “yea, that’s fine, as long as I can still learn to chain-stitch.” And they’re like, “OK, yea, cool cool.” So, yea, I’m gonna buy these two chain-stitched floral embroidered sweatshirts at East Dane for 30% off, and then I’m gonna learn to chain-stitch myself.

For price and purchase info, visit East Dane.