We All Want to Be Influencers, Apparently

According to a recent Morning Consult survey, pretty much everyone born after 1981 is open to being a professional influencer.

As reported by Dazed, the report — which was compiled from “over 2,000 survey interviews” — found that “around 86 percent of Americans aged 13 to 38 have said they would be willing to try out influencing as a career.”

Additionally, “61 percent of those surveyed claimed they are already posting about brands they like without being paid to do so.”

As Dazed notes, “Young people are living more and more online, with TikTok becoming the latest platform to propel its users into strange and unfathomable stardom, therefore creating a career from these sites feels increasingly attainable.”

In addition to seeming like an “attainable” career path, some influencers are now as famous as real famous people. For instance, “as many Gen Z men know gaming YouTuber PewDiePie as Lebron James,” the survey found, “and PewDiePie is more well-liked.”

So considering that essentially every demographic of “young Americans” is “willing to post sponsored content and a majority are likely to organically post about brands they like,” this could indeed be our generational dream job. (Side note: if any brands are looking for someone to hock their goods on Instagram, holler at me).

You can read more about it at Dazed.

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