Nick Grant

Nick Grant

Nick Grant is a freelance style writer originally from the Washington D.C. area, but now living in Des Moines, Iowa (yes, you read that correctly). He gives no fucks.

Muttonhead Utility Shorts

Why in the world I would need six pockets is beyond me, but I am a man of extravagance and will always take more when it’s offered. Muttonhead’s Utility Shorts are made in Canada out of sturdy cotton twill or canvas and have two side seam pockets, two back pockets and – my personal favorite – two external front pockets for all the knick-knacks and gadgets I will never actually put in them. Read more »

Bedwin and the Heartbreakers Chase M-51 Military Parka

Brad and I have a pretty dialed-in selection of products we like to feature. Like, you know there’s going to be a bomber jacket just about every week. And you know you’re gonna see some indigo. But then there are those products we want to feature more, but they just don’t come around that often, and it makes us sad. One of those is fishtail parkas. Read more »

Outlier Ultra Light Crops

I know, I know; cropped trousers are right on the edge of Euro-trash / international soccer stud, but Outlier’s new Ultralight Crops stymy the stigmas. Made in the USA for hot-ass days when you aren’t feeling shorts, the pants are crafted from a super lightweight, doubleweave, four-way stretch fabric that’ll simultaneously keep you cool and protect your milky thighs from the harmful sun’s rays. Read more »