Bleu de Paname New Jump Pants

OK, so after applying an exorbitant amount of time and mindshare to this, I think I’ve finally figured it out; I know why Bleu de Paname named these fabulous, made in France, high-rise wool trousers the “New Jump” Pants. Try to stay with me here because this is some galaxy brain shit. You know how the term “jawnz” is typically used to refer to pants in menswear nerd speak? Well, I myself – a trailblazer of trou trademarks – like to refer to them as “jumps” because you typically wear some sort of pant or short when, you guessed it, you jump. So, when I pick up a pair of these from END for $215 just in time for the imminent cold front, I will indeed own my very own pair of “New Jumps.” Thanks to all of you who did not drop off after I referenced myself as the “trailblazer of trou trademarks.”

For price and purchase info, visit End Clothing.