Lady White Co. Split Crew Cardigan

I feel like any time I have to start a post with “hear me out,” I’m just asking for y’all to shit on me and my ideas, but HEAR ME OUT. This Lady White Co. Split Crew Cardigan is, indeed, very good, and here is precisely why: A) It’s made in Los Angeles out of a very soft, yet very heavy french terry cotton. B) It’s a crewneck, which is one of the best garments BUT, C) it’s split down the middle like a cardigan with no closure, which is ALSO one of the best garments. And, last but not least, D) it’s not something you see everyday and frustratingly (in a good way) falls in the “why the fuck didn’t I think of that?” category of unique jawnz. If you’ve made it to the end of this post, then you are a qualified lead who f-iggadeels what I’m saying, so pick one up for $180 now.

For price and purchase info, visit Lady White Co.

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    These are kinda genius???