A Day’s March Relaxed Corduroy Trousers

Corduroy is so much fun. It’s extremely dynamic because it can easily be dressed up or down and it always looks and feels so hearty, which is very important in the colder months. Take these A Day’s March Corduroy Trousers, for example. They’re made in Portugal and have a relaxed silhouette with a slight taper at the bottom. Versatile and cozy, right? But the real fun comes when you put them on and you start walking and they make that hilarious “zutt” sound that kinda sorta makes it seem like you’re a humanoid. Pure comedy gold AND you look good. What more can you want from a pair of pants? ADM has you covered for $140 on three perfect fall/winter colors, so get to zuttin’!

For price and purchase info, visit A Day’s March.