Sweated & Vetted: ISAORA

Founded in NYC in 2009 by Ricky Hendry and Marc Daniels, ISAORA was one of a handful of makers that helped to established the then nascent techwear market (clothing with high-performance fabrics and technical details that can be worn on the runway and the finish line). As techwear has since found its way into the mainstream, ISAORA has evolved into a leading consumer-direct label, pulling their line from Barneys and other retailers in order to sell exclusively via their own website without a middleman markup. Read more »

Outlier Ultra Light Crops

I know, I know; cropped trousers are right on the edge of Euro-trash / international soccer stud, but Outlier’s new Ultralight Crops stymy the stigmas. Made in the USA for hot-ass days when you aren’t feeling shorts, the pants are crafted from a super lightweight, doubleweave, four-way stretch fabric that’ll simultaneously keep you cool and protect your milky thighs from the harmful sun’s rays. Read more »