ASKET Outerwear

I think I’ve regaled you all with enough tales of my love for Layering Season™, but when next level layering is achievable all damn year? Ooooweee, chef’s motherfuckin’ kiss! ASKET’s newly released high-tech outerwear collection allows for just that, thanks to the fact that the sturdy AF Car Coat, made of water-repellant organic cotton, is the shell that can form like Voltron with the sleek Zip Vest for those brisk, nipple-hardening days OR the coach-like Zip Jacket with Primaloft silver insulation for those days you want to cry but you can’t because your tears would freeze right as they form in your ducts. Considering they come in ASKET’s signature 15 sizes and any combination of two products will run you $620 or less, you could hit the Christmas/Hanukkah/Birthday/Whatever-other-holiday-you-may-get-gifts jackpot all in one.

For price and purchase info, visit ASKET.