Sweated & Vetted: Tracksmith

Lawrence University’s George Whiting Field, guarded by a century-old stone gate and situated on a bluff over the Fox River, is exactly the kind of place the folks from Tracksmith would appreciate. It’s where history is mated to technology in the pursuit of fast, hard running. Tracksmith, founded in 2014, is based in Massachusetts and it’s no accident that their office overlooks the halfway marker of the historic Boston Marathon. Read more »

Bleu De Paname Pull Col Chawl Knit Plomb

This Bleu De Paname Pull(over) Col(lar) Chawl(shawl?) Knit(I get that one) Plomb(???) has what looks to be the coziest neck blanket I’ve ever seen. Sure, its name doesn’t make a lick of sense, but this French-made, 100% wool sweater, with it’s leather loop and button closure, still looks like an adam’s apple’s dream come true. Read more »