Noah Two-Tone Shoulder Packs

I just got back from a trip to Miami, and before you ask, NO, it was not for Art Basel. But, I did see a lot of Basel-ers and I couldn’t get over how many bags I saw that, not only looked incredibly ridiculous, but also incredibly not full. Like, why would you carry around a big ass backpack that only has a tube of chapstick, a single T-shirt in a Webster bag, and a loose apple in it? Why not just drop it all in a shoulder bag from a brand that has sartorial and societal clout like Noah? Their Two-Tone Shoulder Bags are made in the US and have contrasting panels of coated nylon to keep the elements out and your little baggy of Adderall you got from your 16-year old cousin at Thanksgiving in. Pick up one of these for $78 and don’t be caught with a flaccid bag, bro.

For pice and purchase info, visit Noah.