Go Local: Sir & Madame

I’ve lived in Chicago since ’04. My relationship with the city has definitely been a love / hate one. To be fair, most of that hate isn’t really Chicago’s fault. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, and like most native New Yorkers, I have a terrible habit of comparing every place I visit with the city of my birth – and Chicago is absolutely nothing like NYC. But, as I said, there’s been a good amount of love these last seven years too. And a lot of that is thanks to the independently owned businesses here. It’s not just that they offer great product / services, they’re also run by great people. Many of whom, I’m happy to call my friends. I’ve decided to spend the next four weeks spotlighting some of these businesses. In keeping with the local theme, I’ve asked Chicago-based photographer, and all around stand-up guy, Nathan Micheal to handle the visuals. My goal here is twofold. Firstly, with the holidays coming up, I’d like to remind all Chicagoans to please, if you can, shop locally. Without your patronage, these businesses wouldn’t exist. Secondly, these posts are my way of saying thanks to the people and places featured for keeping this city fun. I couldn’t imagine living here without you. First up, clothing boutique Sir & Madame. I don’t know how many times I walked past Sir & Madame before finally going in, but I do know the number is far too high. Located just a few blocks from my apartment in the primarily residential Ukrainian Village area, the shop’s storefront always stood out amidst the drab facades surrounding it. However, almost every time I passed, I was en route somewhere else, and thus never ventured inside. But then, I heard from several trusted sources that it was actually worth a look. So, one afternoon, with my girlfriend in tow, I paid a long overdue visit. Immediately upon walking through the door, I realized how foolish I had been to not have gone in sooner. Read more »