Final Thoughts and Favorite Things

As I’ve said in the past, I’m not good with serious situations because I’m quick to get emotional so I mask it with goofiness. So when we made the decision to shutter Well Spent, it hurt, but I swatted the seriousness away by thinking of all of the fun I’ve had writing with Brad, Reed and all those who’ve come in and out over the years.

Weekly posts talking about clothing I love? Who could complain about that? And then I introduced Cool Dads™ and I just got in a groove. None of this would be possible without Brad reaching out to see if I wanted to join forces to run WS. So, Brad; thank you for EVERYTHING. Even when you deserved better, you stuck it out with me and for that, I am forever grateful.

And, like I said in my last Cool Dads™ post, thank you to all the readers because you helped give me a voice by letting me know what you liked or didn’t like, even if you didn’t vocalize it. I’m going to miss this place, but hopefully we at Well Spent did right by you.


My Favorite T-Shirt: Noah

Noah could’ve easily made its way into every category on this list, but that just wouldn’t be fair. And I just couldn’t NOT give them the t-shirt slot with this “SOS” shirt they made out of recycled cotton to highlight climate change. Good brand. Good message. Good errythang. That particularly tee is sold out, but lots of others are here here.

My Favorite Button-Up: BTFL

The colors. The quilting and sashiko stitching. And it’s made out of Japanese cotton? Not sure I’ve come across a sexier shirt this year, or ever, than the BTFL Quilted Work Shirt. Get it here.

My Favorite Sweatshirt: Notre x Advisory Board Crystals

It’s no secret (as you’ll see under my “Favorite Stores”) that Notre Shop is my go-to for, like, a lot. So, when I found out that they were teaming up with one of my favorite brands, Advisory Board Crystals, on a gnarly hoodie, I had to pull the “help a brother out” card and a brother they did indeed help. Can’t take this damn thing off. Unfortunately (for you, not for me), it was in-store only and very sold out.

My Favorite Pants: Engineered Garments

The EG Cord Painters are just so luscious and comfortable and baggy and airy and cool looking. I know I won’t get all-year usage out of them like my favorite Dickies, but I’m more than happy to keep these continuously in that 3-4 month rotation over the next few years. Get ’em here.

My Favorite Outerwear: Document

I’ve never wanted it to get cold quicker so I can justify buying another coat than when I laid my eyes on this motherfucker from Document. Unlike any coat I’ve ever seen AND you’ll roast like a pig inside of it. Perfection. Get it here.

My Favorite Accessories: MoMA x New Era

Almost never leaving the house without my repping the Yankees on my head (when it’s not Beanie Season™) and as long as the MoMA version is in stock, I will continue to replenish my cap collection with it as soon as my current one gets too grimy. Get it here.

My Favorite Store: Notre

Surprise! Haha, sike, you guys already know I think they’re the best. Not only is Notre’s physical location immaculate and unlike any I’ve ever seen – aside from the craziness that is Dover Street Market in NYC maybe – they also carry the best brands and have some of the nicest people working there, to boot. I’ve never lived the “support the homies” mantra harder than the way I do for the homies at Notre.