The Best Shit We Got All Year

Once again, we’re closing out the year by rounding-up the best items we bought (or were graciously gifted) during the last 365 days. But before we get into that, Nick, Reed, and I would to thank all of you for reading, commenting, sharing, and doing all of the other wonderful things that you do. And of course, an enormous thank you to our wonderful advertisers – thanks guys! We’ll be back the second week in January. Until then, have a great holiday, and here’s the best shit we got all year.


Barena Cosma and Arenga Pants – So Brad sold me some pants this year. I don’t think he knows that he did, but he did. Out of nowhere one day, he had to go and post some fucking Barena Cosma Trousers, which are so extremely my shit that I pretty much lost all self control, entered a fugue state and came to at my desk with a confirmation receipt in my inbox. Do I have three colorways of this pant now? Yes, yes I do.

ts(s) Easy Cardigan – So, last year I told you guys I had a problem and you were all probably like “that’s unfair to people with problems” but nah. You all were wrong. I went and did it again BECAUSE I HAVE A FUCKING PROBLEM. How did I justify this one? Not creatively. I could’ve told myself that the cotton being ribbed was important, or I could’ve pinned it on the whole navy blue thing, but I didn’t. I just saw the damn thing and bought the damn thing. (I’m a mess, someone cut me off please.)

AKOG Kohaku Cardigan – I’m not sure what I have against buttons, but clearly we’re dealing with some deep-seated issues. Anyways. There’s not much else to say about this on-personal-brand German-made jawn, but that plaid pattern did fit perfectly into the grampa swag-sized hole in my closet, so that was a win.

Maggie’s Organics Tie Dye Socks – I’m not going to lie, these still feel a little aggressive when I wear them, but holy shit do they pop with some Nike Reacts, so all is forgiven. Plus, people forgive loud socks almost always, so feet are a relatively safe place to get weird. Justin Trudeau wears weird socks and he’s the most respected leader in North America. There’s no reasonable correlation between the two, but let’s draw one for fun.


Prospective Flow Mugi – I don’t think there is another article of clothing in my wardrobe that gets more wear than this thing. It’s so versatile and I love the long length, buttonless placket and just overall flowiness.

Maggie’s Organics Tie Dye Socks – Unlike Reed, I LIVE for the aggressiveness of tie-dye and these socks always add that lil’ bit of spice to my otherwise unassuming outfits. Might fuck around and wear these with the Online Ceramics tie-dye crewneck I just got to go full-blown Dead Head Dad™.

OBRA Core Canvas Lows – Speaking of unassuming outfits, these sneakers are just plain ol’ great. Not too fancy – though I really love the thicker midsole – but they’re juuuust different enough that you can’t really tell what they are without asking.

Advisory Board Crystals Pretty Planet Tees – Quite possibly my favorite brand this year, Abc. is just incredible and this T-shirt is a prime example. The faded graphic is very much purposeful, along with the signature outer hangtag on the back of the shirt. I hope I am quick enough in 2019 to buy more of Remington and Heather’s awesome stuff.

Sandy Liang Checkers Fleece – This is my newest and most favoritest cop of the year. It’s definitely one of the more hyped fleeces, which is more of the more hyped trends of the year, but I don’t care because it is very much deserving of its praise. The piece is just, like, IT. I can’t explain it. Once you get your hands on it, you’ll know.


Drapeau Noir Manteau Confort – Drapeau. Fucking. Noir. We are all better off for having this brand in our lives. Where else are you gonna get a great-fitting, Portuguese-made, cashmere blend overcoat for (well) under $500? C’mon!

Kapital Shrinking Wool BIGMAMA Bandana Scarf – Probably my splurgiest buy of the year (although, they’re about $100 cheaper if you order direct from Japan – what up ZenMarket!), but I’ve got no regrets. It’s soft, warm, beautiful, and large enough that it could almost double as a throw.

Soulive Artisan Liner Jacket – I coveted one all last winter, and then found it on super sale over the summer. Plush, high pile fleece on the inside, washed nylon on the outside, and one of the burliest zippers I’ve ever seen.

Stan Ray 80s Painter Pant – Oh Stan Ray. How I love you so. These pants have pretty much rendered all of my other pants useless. I even felt some mild separation anxiety when I took them off for this photo (that’s right, I snapped the above pic trou-less #bloglife).

CDLP Underwear – This one time in high school, I had to buy our cat food, but the store was sold out of every brand, except for this super fancy, super $$$ one called Sheba. So I bought her that. And she ate it, and loved it so much, that she went on a WEEK LONG HUNGER STRIKE when we put her back on her regular food. That’s how my nethers feel about the underwear from CDLP. Now that they’ve experienced the incredible comfort, softness, and fit, no other brand will do.