The Best Shit We Got All Year: 2017 in Review

Once again, we’re closing out the year by rounding-up the best items we bought (or were gifted) during the last 365 days. But before we get into that, Nick, Reed and I would to thank all of you for reading, commenting, sharing, and doing all of the other wonderful things that you do. And of course, an enormous thank you to our wonderful advertisers – thanks guys! We’ll be back the second week in January. Until then, have a great holiday, and here’s the best shit we got all year.


ts(s) Easy Cardigans – Can you main-line clothing? Because I have a legit problem with ts(s). Like, there’s a real chance I’d be found face-down in a seedy Florida motel room if clothing intake could do that to a person, and it’d be entirely due to ts(s). So yeah, I already owned the lightweight version of their Easy Cardigan, and then I bought it again. Because seasons and problems and impulse control and all that.

Prospective Flow Kaze Four Pockets – Pants aren’t easy (especially if you’re short), but these are. Cut loose and made with cotton so soft it should probably arouse suspicion, they’re basically sweatpants in Real Pants drag.

Save Khaki Easy Shorts – Find me a better pair of shorts, I’ll wait. Seriously though, there’s literally no reason for shorts to not have an elastc waistband, and the sooner everyone realizes this, the happier the world will be.

Visvim Huron Mesh Moc-Folk – Are these practical? Absolutely not. Do they bring me an embarrassing amount of joy? Absolutely. Did I need some joy this year? Very, very yes. Also, the mesh upper was a nice little update.


Stan Ray Slim 4 Pocket Fatigue Pants – A great fitting pair of pants that are Texas-made, brick-shithouse-tough, and only cost $70. What more could you ask for?

Maison Louis Marie No.02 Le Long Fond Parfum – I first discovered Maison Louis Marie’s candles and personal fragrances at Mutiny in Hudson, NY over the summer, and have been obsessed with their stuff ever since. The Le Long Fond cologne has notes of hinoki wood, cedarwood, patchouli and white musk, and smells just incredible (my wife thinks so too).

Battenwear Reach-up Hoody – The best hoodie of my adult life. Thick (and warm) as hell. Super well made. And a perfect fit (not too long, like so, so, so many other hoodies).

Shoes Like Pottery 01JP High Sneakers – SLP makes my favorite canvas sneakers of all time. This is my third pair, and I love ’em just as much as the two that came before.

ts(s) Easy Cardigan – Hands-down the most luxurious – and opulent – article of clothing I own. So nice (and so expensive) that I almost feel guilty about it. Almost.

Steven Alan Storm Cap – We try to only include items in our Best Shit posts that we actually featured on the site at some point, but I never got a chance to write about the SA Storm Cap. That said, it’s still one of the best things I got all year, because I’ve got a short-ass forehead, so must caps look funny as hell on me. This guy, however, fits just right.

  • S. L. Nickerson

    Now I just want to know what the best hoodie of Brad’s non-adult life was..

  • Clayton

    How accurate are the size charts on the Stan Ray site?

    • Robert Smith

      Pretty accurate. Bought a pair from the Earl’s Apparel eBay store earlier this year. The waist sits higher than most modern pants, so be prepared for that.

      • Clayton

        Good to know, thank you.

      • John

        fits great but if you have a beer belly that high waist will get ya. I ordered a size 34 and had to return it for the next size up 36.

  • Tim Sullivan

    uhh where are Nick’s picks?

    • Nick Grant

      The past three weeks have AB-SO-LUTE shit for me, so I was not able to make it happen, unfortunately. But don’t worry, Brad is EXTREMELY disappointed in me. I will make it up to him and all of you somehow. Maybe we’ll try to work with someone to do a giveaway of one of (some of??) my favorite things from 2017??

      • Sorry to hear that, Nick. I hope 2018 brings the best the universe has to offer to us all!

  • Geoff

    Anyone know anywhere to cop the ts(s) easy cardigan? Looks like its sold out everywhere…