Michael Nolledo

Michael Nolledo

Michael is the Chicago editor at InsideHook. He lives on a steady diet of coffee, whiskey and jazz.

General Knot & Co. Deadstock Linen Scarves

I’m not the kind of dude to wear a lightweight scarf, but if I were, I’d go with one of these Deadstock Linen Scarves from General Knot & Co. You’re looking at three different styles – all 100% vintage linen, all made in New York, and all 100% handsome. Handsome as long as you’re not the guy who rocks one of these with just a t-shirt. Read more »

Filson Cover Cloth Weekender Coat

I own this Filson Cover Cloth Weekender Coat, and I can honestly say it’s the best piece of outerwear in my closet. It’s waxed and lightweight, making it my go-to for inclement weather. The moleskin collar and and pocket warmers (and this liner if needed) make it perfect for colder temps. Plus: it’s made in the U.S. You can’t really ask for more. Except a sale? Read more »

Aran Crafts Lightweight Traditional Aran Sweaters

In the immortal words of Method Man, “keep it real wit me, I keep it real witchu.” These Lightweight Traditional Aran Sweaters from Aran Crafts come with a signed and stamped certificate of authenticity, so you know they’re really made in Ireland from 100% pure wool. They’re also damned handsome, with a classic crew neck and chunky knit weave. And they’re on sale, too. Read more »

Engineered Garments Newport Plaid Work Shirts

These Engineered Garments Newport Plaid Work Shirts have everything you love about EG’s tried-and-true staple, but in a lightweight, summer-friendly cotton. So now you can have an EG work shirt for every season, and wear the co.’s impeccably-constructed, NYC-made wares all year round. I know, I’m as stoked as your are. Read more »