Michael Nolledo

Michael Nolledo

Michael is the Chicago editor at InsideHook. He lives on a steady diet of coffee, whiskey and jazz.

Burgus Plus Tight Straight Corduroy Pants

Burgus Plus is one of those Japanese repro brands that make irrelevant things relevant again. Like these Tight Straight Corduroy Pants. When was the last time you wore cords? I don’t even remember, but I could see myself giving these a go. They’re made in Japan, they’ve got steel hardware, and that tight straight fit is spot-on. Read more »

Appalatch Shawl Collar Sweaters

Because not all of us can grow a beard, I give you these Shawl Collar Sweaters from Appalatch. Just flip that collar up and boom, you’re protected from your neck right down to your chest. Plus, they’re made in the USA out of American-spun -knit and -dyed, 21.5 micron merino wool, so they’re just as warm as a chunky shawl, but at half the heft. Read more »