3sixteen Heavyweight Pullovers

Guys, so remember the menswear basketball game I talked about last week? Well, Andrew Chen and Johan Lam, co-founders of 3sixteen, also played in that game. And, guess what? This is me, and my lower torso, all up in Johan’s grill. I think I’ve reminded him of that at least once a year since it took place, and now I get to do it again, while I tell you guys about these amazing new Heavyweight Pullovers. A thick cotton fleece hoody with hidden side-seam pockets in place of the regular ol’ kangaroo – this is exactly what I need in a hoody right now. Plus, every time I wear it, I can think back to that glorious crotch-in-face moment.

For price and purchase info, visit 3sixteen.

  • I’m gonna need some evidence of this game actually existing. Its beginning to feel like an inside joke.