Deveaux Single Pleated Pant

Funny story. Deveaux New York co-founder, Matt Breen, and I played together in a Fashion Week menswear basketball game (god, now that I type that out, it sounds incredibly lame). He wasn’t very good. But I can say that because I was. Now, he is part owner of a successful new menswear brand in NYC, and I live in Des Moines, Iowa. Nevertheless, these Single Pleated Pants are tight. Cropped for your pleasure, these lightweight wool/linen-blend trousers are made in the US, and in no way am I going to not share these wonderful pants with you, even though we lost and it was pretty much all Breen’s fault. Nope, not holding a grudge at all. So everyone buy these pants from Ensign for 30% off (plus an extra 15% off if you sign up for their newsletter).

For price and purchase info, visit The Ensign.

  • I’m gonna need to see footage of this basketball game. We, in the peanut gallery, can discuss the sartorial and basketball choices