What Are Yeezy Stans Going to Do with All of Their Merch?

Now that we’re living in a post-“slavery was a choice” world, GQ is wondering what discerning Kanye fans are doing with all of their Yeezy merch.

As the article’s writer states, “everything [Kanye] puts his nickname on is imbued with his thoughts, feelings, and energy; the art is entangled with the artist,” and so, “wearing the clothes can be interpreted as a ringing endorsement.”

And, for many fans, that endorsement is no longer one they’re willing to make. “I’m not wearing the sneakers, I’m not wearing the clothes, I’m not listening to the music,” one former West supporter told GQ. “I’m definitely taking a step back — indefinitely.”

“When you put something on, walk out of the house and have a shirt or whatever on with a brand name on your back, you’re representing that brand for the moment,” another fan was quoted as saying, before clarifying that he wasn’t comfortable wearing Yeezy apparel at present.

Despite those fans’ uneasiness, sales of Yeezy goods haven’t slowed at all. The story reported that $500,000 worth of Yeezy Wyoming merch sold in 30 minutes, and also mentioned that “demand for Yeezy gear increased on the resale market following West’s Trump endorsement.”

“Perhaps the spike in brand awareness was some top-of-mind outcome. Perhaps it was driven by fellow ‘free thinkers’ beguiled by the blank check for absurdity West covets. Altogether, it’s evidence that many fans don’t care at all.”

2018 in a nutshell, right there.

You can read more about it at GQ.

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