Wilson & Willy’s Half Zip Anoraks

As much as it pains me to admit this, the older I get, and the more adult responsibilities I have, the less I think about what I wear. Crazy, right? So, it’s great when I find a piece that I can throw on haphazardly, and still look good in, like these Half Zip Anoraks from Wilson & Willy’s. Built in Kentucky for people on the move, they’re made out of lightweight cotton / nylon Marine Cloth, and have matte black brass grommets, a heavyweight Riri zipper, and leather zipper pulls. Of course, these days, I’m just happy to have remembered to put on pants, so all of the above is gravy. Delicious, hardwearing gravy. Two colors are available.




For price and purchase info, visit Wilson & Willy’s.