Wilson & Willy’s Half Raglan Trenches

You ever want something so bad you just get mad at it? These Half Raglan Trenches from Wilson & Willy’s can go fuck themselves. With their beautiful Japanese wool bodies, and their heavy-duty double-needle stitching, and those gorgeous natural horn buttons. Ugh. And that oxblood colorway? Eat a bag of dicks, you beautiful son of a bitch. And then GET ON MY BODY. Two colors are available.

For price and purchase info, visit Wilson & Willy’s.

  • Tyler

    I got the oxblood version a few weeks ago. It’s a fantastic coat. I’m hoping for the weather to finally drop so I can wear it regularly.

    • BortLicensePlatez

      Worth the cost, huh?

    • kevin

      is the nylon within the sleeves? i bought another wilson and willys jacket (anorak) and the nylon in the sleeves made my forearms so sweaty! would love to get this but the nylon deters me…