What We Read This Week

Professional photographer Mary Shannon Johnstone has been photographing dogs from her local shelter to help them got adopted. In related news, d’awwwwwwwwwww. Landfill Dogs

If you think the sequels that actually get made are bad, check out this list of ones that almost happened. The Daily Beast: The 11 Worst Sequel Ideas to Come out of Hollywood

Esquire has declared that it’s time to kill the boot tuck, and we couldn’t agree more. Esquire: It’s Time to Kill The Boot Tuck

And lastly, congrats to our good buddies at Left Field NYC on their new website. Left Field NYC

Close reading on that Kendrick Lamar/GQ beef. The Atlantic: Kendrick Lamar Has a Right to Be Mad at GQ

Your long read of the week: what do you know about self-driving cars? The New Yorker: Auto Correct

Yes I am lazy this week, but quite frankly, nothing trumped this piece by Michael Cera for The New Yorker about how a random guy named “Jeremy” texted him accidentally, leading to a bizarre, cringeworthy, and generally amazing story. The New Yorker: My Man Jeremy

The Porter Sisters teamed up with Hendrick’s Gin to throw an epic holiday party. Hollister Hovey: Foreshadowing After the Fact: Inspiration for the Masquerading Menagerie

The folks at Bobo’s Mountain Sugar are making your holiday shopping wicked easy this year with an extra 15% off their maple syrups and free shipping through Dec. 23rd. Bobo’s Mountain Sugar

Get pumped for winter and watch the 3-part documentary Snowcraft. Buddy Jesse Loomis of Powderjet is featured. Transworld Snowboarding: Snow Craft Pioneers: Jesse Loomis and PowderJet Snowboards