What We Read This Week

Posted without comment (see what I did there?). Pornhub Comments on Stock Photos

LOL-ski: a round-up of pics pulled from Russian dating websites. Imgur: Pictures from Russian Dating Sites

Comedian Patton Oswalt once again wins Twitter with his hilarious #CareerEndingTypos. Twitter: #CareerEndingTypos

Jonathan Martin left the Miami Dolphins organization citing bullying by teammates, Richie Incognito in particular. A former Dolphins player (who claims he has “no dog in this fight”) backs the actions of Incognito, and, in doing so, further perpetuates the animalistic stigma and alpha male attitudes in sports. *Sigh* The MMQB: Incognito and Martin: An Insider’s Story

Kanye West adopts the Confederate Flag as his own. A symbol of how Kanye doesn’t give a shit about what you think, but it goes beyond just trying to flip the context. Complex’s Justin Charity digs deeper. Complex: Old Flag, New Slaves: Kanye West, the Confederate Flag, and the Realities of Selling the Symbol

I’ll have whatever Salman Rushdie’s not having. Because, um, yeah, he’s trippin’. Esquire: Salman Rushdie On What It Means To Be A Man

Meanwhile at my main gig, we released the first edition of our Gentleman’s Handbook — a quarterly guide on good manners for the modern man. Have a look. Insidehook: The Gentleman’s Handbook

Jeff Weiss’ piece for Pitchfork on Outkast is a crucial read for anyone that likes Outkast. Which, as Weiss points out, is pretty much everyone. Pitchfork: Atlanta to Atlantis: An Outkast Retrospective

Michel Gondry continues to challenge our preconceived notions of “reality” with his latest movie. It’s Nice That: Film: Official trailer for Michel Gondry’s new film Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy?

And I guess I should have something style related, so, Gentry’s tumblr is probably the most crucial #menswear site in existence right now. Gentry NYC

Buddy Rohan Anderson of Whole Larder Love got some love on Australia Network News. Australia News Network: Hunter-gatherer teaching Australians to forage their own meals

Matt Hranek of William Brown Project has been filming a show for Esquire TV. Alternate Route airs on November 20th, so mark your calendars. Esquire: Alternate Route