What We Read This Week

If you like off-beat yet beautiful orchestral pop music, then I highly recommend checking out the latest album from Liam Singer. Bandcamp: Arc Iris by Liam Singer

A nice round-up of American leather-smiths from the good dudes at Valet. Valet: American Leathermen

In his latest post for ACL, our buddy Jake Gallagher takes a look at the hardwearing sweaters from England’s North Sea Clothing. A Continous Lean: Made To Last | North Sea Clothing

The Philadelphia 76ers are going to be awful this year. They are predicted an over/under win total of 16.5. That’s out of 81 games, people. So what do they do about it? They beat the defending NBA champs, and their starting rookie PG misses a quadruple double by one steal and three rebounds. Wait, what?! Deadspin: Michael Carter-Williams Just Misses Quadruple Double In NBA Debut

Yes, we all know Banksy invaded NYC in October, but Space Invader’s recent invasion is way more street artist-y. Gothamist: Photos: Street Artist Space Invader Is In Town

My favorite band came to Chicago a few weeks back. They go by the name of Toe. They’re from Japan. And they’re extremely talented. Check out a vid from that show — I was standing stage left on the stairs. YouTube: toe – “Esoteric” (Chalk TV)

Yes. A million times yes. Put This On: Getting a Good Grey Sweatshirt

The New Wolf of Wall Street trailer is sheer decadence at its best. Trailer Addict: The Wolf of Wall Street Feature Trailer

This documentary proves that the history of Tom’s Restaurant goes far beyond Seinfeld. Animal New York: Tom’s Restaurant: A Documentary About Nothing

And finally, I’ll just let this one speak for itself. Vine: Al Roker | At the Drake Concert

I recently styled a shoot for Boast with photographer – and good buddy – Mikael Kennedy. N’East Style: Boast

Cool Hunting chats with Alex Calderwood about the Ace Hotel’s new London location. Cool Hunting: Ace Hotel, London

Amazing post on Fast Times at Ridgemont High over on The Selvedge Yard. This movie is one of my all time favorites. The Selvedge Yard: Fast Times at Ridgemont High | Crowes Undercover High School Masterpiece

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