What We Read This Week

A collection of actual quotes from guests at a Times Square hotel = the best new Tumblr of the week. How May We Hate You?

Man sends woman unsolicited selfie video. Woman posts said unsolicited selfie video on the internet. Hilarity ensues. Instagram: #starbucksdrakehands (read the full story here)

“The ability to experience positive emotions, like love and attachment, would mean that dogs have a level of sentience comparable to that of a human child.” New York Times: Dogs Are People, Too

And finally, while I’m not usually a fan of corporately-funded viral videos, this new promotional short for the upcoming Carrie remake is pretty damn good. YouTube: Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

I got to interview Pusha T last week about some of his favorite brands. During the interview, he sent me a text, so now I have his number and we’re BFFs. Complex: Pusha T’s 11 Favorite Brands

Here’s a cool video recap of the Fall Classic NYC #menswear basketball game a bunch of us played in last month. Great times and I can’t wait to avenge the loss next year. Vimeo: Fall Classic NYC

Daily routines from some very creative minds. The Guardian: Rise and shine: the daily routines of history’s most creative minds

Random goodness in this text graphics Tumblr. Text-Mode

Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koening “reviews” Drake’s new album by not listening to it, giving it 10/10 anyway, and then telling a ridiculous story in which he and Panda Bear from Animal Collective go see a random Danish band in 2007. The Talkhouse: Ezra Koenig >< Drake

Gay Talese’s groundbreaking story “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold” has been covered to death at this point, but this annotated version by Talese himself is absolutely phenomenal. Nieman Storyboard: Annotation Tuesday! Gay Talese and “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold”

And last but not least, I’ve decided to take a hiatus from my site to focus on a new opportunity, which you’ll all surely hear about next week. Wax Wane: So Long for Now

The Pop Up Flea has crossed the pond and will be popping-up in London this weekend. Founders Randy and Michael talked with Monocle Radio about the event. Monocle: Aperitivo, Episode 19

Gear Patrol takes a ride on the Royal Enfield Continental GT. Gear Patrol: A Great Cup of Café: Riding the Royal Enfield Continental GT

The Guardian looks at why making menswear in the UK is the smart thing to do. The Guardian: Why make menswear in the UK?