What We Read This Week

It’s Denim Week over at Get Kempt. Lots of great jean-themed content to get your fall started right. Get Kempt: Denim Week

If, like me, you have a hard time keeping track of the different US-made New Balance styles, here’s a handy cheat-sheet from the good dudes at Valet. Valet: An American Shoe Evolution

And finally, GQ introduces us to the groundbreaking Soma Water Filter. Related: I really, really want a Soma Water Filter. GQ: Clean Water, Meet Clean Lines

Jon Moy did it last week, and I did it this week. Here’s what I learned during my first Fashion Week. Four Pins: Some Things Our Token Black Guy Learned During Fashion Week

Shea Serrano may be the funniest writer on the internet because you know everything he’s saying is 100% true (with maybe just a touch of exaggeration). He’s coaching a middle school football team this fall and his breakdown of the roster is pure gold. Grantland: Tuesday Night Lights: ‘Coach, I’m Allowed to Tackle When I Play Safety, Right?’

Glenn O’Brien reminds us that we’re all literary peasants compared to him with this absolutely amazing piece on Basquiat. Glenn O’Brien: Basquiat: The Show Must Go On

Could someone in Vermont please proxy me this beer? The Atlantic: Beer Porn: The Alchemist Cannery

In creative work spaces, details are everything. Take a peek inside Richard Haines’s studio out in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Esquire: Take a Tour of Illustrator Richard Haines’s Studio

Henry Darger is one of my favorite Chicago characters. The Reader takes a look at a new Darger biography penned by Jim Elledge, and raises some interesting points regarding the legitimacy of its narrative. Chicago Reader: Henry Darger, in the realms of the possibly real

  • Adrian

    Jake, I’ve had Heady Topper a couple times. It’s a delicious delicious beer. That said, it’s not that much better than some other great double IPAs.