Wax London Witham Coach Jackets

Fuck rain. It has royally fucked me over lately. A torrential downpour made for a top 5 all-time scariest drives to work. It’s made me move an outdoor video shoot three times over two weeks, AND, it forced me to start-stop-and-start mowing over THREE FUCKING DAYS. I feel like I’m giving it the finger it truly deserves with one of these Wax London Witham Coach Jackets, which are made in the UK from an array of different fabrics, including a lightweight, breathable, and naturally-dyed technical fabric that is also water resistant. Yes, the rain may still fall freely upon thee, but this $247 jacket shall prevent it from soaking thine body and soiling thine style. Little bitch ass rain, fuck you.

For price and purchase info, visit Wax London.

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    This has maybe the best opening and closing lines of any post on this site.