Walmart Is Launching Its Own Everlane

According to Business of Fashion, Walmart is currently developing a direct-to-consumer line of basics to “rival the likes of Everlane” and tap into a younger, more discerning audience.

“The new brand will be similar to [the] San Francisco-based [brand],” the report said, but “Walmart’s range will be geared more pointedly toward Gen Z and boast even lower prices” — a feat, considering Everlane already sells tees for around $15.

Coming out of “the big box behemoth’s brand incubator,” the “yet-to-be named, direct-to-consumer apparel label” will join Bonobos, Allswell, and CO Squared on the corporation’s roster of upscale-ish in-house lines, all of which reflect “the American retail giant’s effort to reposition itself as a digital destination for apparel, as it attempts to attract more affluent customers and build an e-commerce presence that can compete with Amazon.”

In addition to those “more affluent customers,” the story also singles out teenagers as a key inspiration for these new brands, who are a particularly “tough crowd to win over, though they spend $44 billion a year on themselves and influence another $600 billion in spending by others.”

I guess when you’re competing to be the world’s biggest retailer, every corner could potentially be your corner, even one focused on ethical production and transparency. Then again, Walmart trying to get into the ethical fashion game probably isn’t the worst thing – unless, of course, you’re Everlane.

You can read more about it at Business of Fashion.

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