Upstate Stock Gloves

I spend a lot of time fiddling with my iPhone, but that’s ’cause I got important shit going on, ya know? Anyway, now that it’s getting cold, I need something to keep my hands warm while I ignore everyone around me. Enter the Gloves from Upstate Stock. Knit in a 70 year old factory in NYC, the 85% wool fingerless jams are just the thing to help me maintain my self-centered lifestyle. And at $25 a pop, I can buy enough to keep my anti-social habits going for many winters to come.

For price and purchase info, visit Lodge Goods.

  • These are super dope! H&M are carrying similar ones for like 5euros though…

  • Craig

    These are on Huckberry at a discount!

  • Scott

    These gloves are available directly from the mill (Newberry Knitting) for $10 a pair. In essence, you’re paying a $15 markup for the Upstate Stock tag.