Unrecorded. Hoodies

I know how much you guys love my personal fun facts, so here’s another one: I dabbled in modeling and acting back in my heyday. And if I were ever to give it another try – as I may or may not fantasize about doing every day – I’d totally wear one of these Unrecorded. Hoodies in my new headshots. Made in Portugal from 360g, 100% organic cotton French terry, they have a relaxed fit that would hide my disgusting dad bod, and a hood that will accentuate the 1 1/2 decent features I have left on my face. And I could showcase each of my great flavors, by matching all eight of the colors with a different lollipop. You know, because I’m sweet? Check ’em out for $98, while I plot my comeback.

For price and purchase info, visit Unrecorded.

  • You didn’t TM at all in this post O_O