Unis Tate Jackets

These should have sold out a long time ago. They fit beautifully (as Unis’ clothes often do). They’re excellently made (cut and sewn in NYC’s garment district from Italian cotton flannel). And, they’re only 200 bucks (down from almost $600). And yet, for some miraculous reason, there’s still a considerable number of them left. At least, for now… (ominous ellipsis). Seriously though, I’d highly recommend scooping one of these up before they’re gone for good.

For price and purchase info, visit Unis.

  • David

    The reason I haven’t bought one is that they have working cuffs which can’t really be adjusted for length and Unis sleeves on shirts have been to long for me in the past. Otherwise I would have definitely bought one.

    • David,

      Any tailor worth their salt can take the sleeve off at the shoulder, reduce the length, and then re-attach it. It’s a pretty standard fix for jackets with working buttons.

  • Hey19

    How does their stuff fit? for jackets and pants?

    • @ Hey19 Slim.

  • the passenger

    Brad: of course, a skilled tailor can make that adjustment, but it costs significant more compared to taking up the sleeves from the ends. I’ve also heard from people who have had sleeves altered from the shoulder that sometimes after the sleeves are reattached they don’t hang properly. Even with a highly competent tailor, there’s just a lot more potential for it to go wrong in some way. And I think David is also responding to the recent rash of jackets in various price ranges that come with working buttons. I have great respect for Ms. Lee, and I agree that these are beautiful jackets, but I feel this is just a silly and unnecessary detail that I wish would go away. Even those photos up there, which appear to be from the Unis site–the sleeves are too long for the models!

  • the passenger

    Brad: that is kind of where it came from, plus the fact that I’m too near-sighted to obtain a driver’s license…

  • Davdi

    @the passenger: The recent, unnecessary rash of jackets with working sleeves is exactly what I was referring to.

    I like Unis clothing in theory and I respect Ms. Lee’s business model and transparency. Unfortunately her clothes simply don’t fit me well. If you compare a large jacket from Epaulet with a large jacket from Unis, you will see that the proportions diverge wildly. Add to that the fact that Unis does not publish actual measurements of chest, sleeve, shoulder and length and you might begin to see why these jackets have not sold. I agree that they even fit the models in the photos weird. It is not a good description of any item to describe it as “fitting beautifully” since that is a completely arbitrary distinction. You may as well say that it fits YOU well and then either list your measurements or be satisfied that you are creating a blog solely to catalog your own wardrobe.

    I did end up buying one of these jackets, I did have to have the sleeve taken up from the shoulder and it doesn’t hang right. So a $200 jacket is now a $260 jacket that I am not really happy with. I won’t be buying anything from Unis in the future unless I can try it on. I also won’t have any working jacket sleeves in my closet unless the suit was custom made for me.