TS(S) Lined Wool Easy Cardigan

Superdenim claims that this Lined Wool Easy Cardigan from TS(S) is “practical and easy to wear.” I’m sorry, but NOTHING about this Japanese-made, woven wool bodied, poly-nylon lined, buttonless cardigan says “practical” or “easy to wear” to me. But, we don’t always need that, right? Sometimes it’s better to take a gamble, because the payoff can be so much greater. And with a piece as beautiful as this one, the odds are definitely in your favor.

For price and purchase info, visit Superdenim.

  • Mugenlove

    Hey Nick. I was trying to cop this cardigan. I’m 6’0 175lbs. Should I get a size 1 or 2. I generally wear medium or small.

    • Brad, here. I’m 6′ / 165 and I wear the 3.