ts(s) Fatigue Pants

I had this past Monday off, so I spent Sunday evening getting drunk and reminiscing with my wife about all of the NBA All-Stars I’ve played with and/or against. Some tears were shed. A knife may or may not have been pulled out, but don’t worry, I got myself down off the ledge – literally and figuratively – because I remembered that I am a fashion guy now and nothing makes me feel better than a nice pair of pants that are on sale. These Japanese-made ts(s) Fatigue Pants are super soft to the touch and have a nice relaxed fit, which I’m very into right now. The best part is that I can afford them with my non-NBA salary since they’re over 60% off at Superdenim. Definitely takes my mind off the fact that I played against LeBron in two tournaments and I was the one who got all-tournament team honors in both, no big deal. Nope. Not at all.

For price and purchase info, visit Superdenim.