Trump Factory Workers Paid so Little They Can’t See Their Kids

According to a story at The Cut, one of Ivanka Trump’s clothing factories pays workers so little, many can’t afford to live with their own children.

The Indonesian factory in question, PT Buma, reportedly pays its 2,759 workers – about three-quarters of which are women – $173 a month. And, even though the meager compensation still amounts to the local minimum wage, the low pay forces many to live hours away from their families – “a far cry from the First Daughter’s image of a working mom” portrayed in her recently published book, Women Who Work.

“When [PT Buma employee] Alia was told the gist of Ivanka Trump’s new book on women in the workplace, she burst out laughing. Her idea of work-life balance, she said, would be if she could see her children more than once a month.”

In somewhat of a twist, The Cut notes that if a woman is employed full-time at the PT Buma factory, they’re offered three months’ paid maternity leave, which is more than Ivanka gave her employees in America.

You know, you’d figure that, based on probability alone, one of Donald Trump’s offspring would have committed at least one good deed by now – even if only by accident. I mean, there’s five of them. But no such luck.

You can read more about it at The Cut.

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