Topo Designs Field Pants

There is a huge difference between the on-model photos of these Topo Designs Field Pants and the product shots. The relaxed fit and soft 8 oz. cotton twill don’t really come across in the latter, as they look more like a skinny-fit piece of armor. But, in the on-model pics, these look super cozy and roomy, two musts for me in the winter. My money is on the on-model being the more accurate representation, and in this case, that’s only $89, so not much of a gamble anyway.

For price and purchase info, visit Topo Designs.

  • ck654321

    just an FYI the Topo website lists this pant as being made in Vietnam.

  • ck654321

    hey i don’t want to be the resident curmudgeon, but i feel like this post should be updated. this site has been an amazing way to funnel consumer dollars to responsible brands. not implying Topo is an irresponsible or unethical brand for manufacturing in Vietnam, but y’all should probably remove the “Made in USA” tag you put on the post and maybe make mention of how we know the Vietnam working conditions are good ones?

  • Thanks for catching that, guys. MUSA tag has been removed.

  • mikeg

    Topo has recently moved production of several products to Vietnam, which is very disappointing. Personally, I will not be purchasing those items, and I think this move compromises the brand as a whole. If you are disappointed as well, please email the company:,