Todd Snyder Italian Wool Boucle Herringbone Topcoats

Boucle, aside from being a very fun word to say, is one of those fabrics that looks amazing when you see it online, but can be hard to pull off IRL. Thankfully, Todd Snyder knows this, and made these Italian Wool Boucle Topcoats just the right amount of subtle. Coming in either grey herringbone or brown glen plaid, these Portuguese-made, Italian boucle beauties don’t come off as gaudy whatsoever, and are as warm as your favorite down comforter. And now you don’t have TO PAY (too much) FOR BOUCLE – as as these bad boys are 40% off (plus an extra 20% off with code EXTRA20SALE) – so say HOO-RAY FOR BOUCLE!

For price and purchase info, visit Todd Snyder.