Thing Fabrics Pile Shorts

Guess what, guys. I got not one, but two new lower leg tattoos! The first I got a few weeks ago, and then the second I got on a whim last week, because that’s when I was scheduled to get the first one, but then an earlier slot opened up, which I took, but then the shop forgot to cancel my original appointment, and was all “well, you can keep it and get another tattoo if you want?” And I was all “fuuuuuck, of COURSE I want another one.” Along with the tats, I’ve been stocking up on new shorts to show them off, and these Pile Shorts from Japanese brand, Thing Fabrics, are next on my list. Cotton terry Bermuda shorts that are perfect for showcasing these new lower leg mamajamas. Pick up a pair of these well-made shorts for $155 from Trading Post LA, even if you don’t have bad ass tats to show off.

For price and purchase info, visit Trading Post LA.