The Jean Hanger

I am the king of “why the FUCK didn’t I think of that?!?” Cronuts. Snapchat. All things I should’ve come up with before they got poppin’. And now, there’s The Jean Hanger. Made from a solid piece of beech wood, this simple doohicky saves any pair of denim size 22 to 44 from creases, wrinkles, and your dusty-ass floor (seriously, you need to vacuum). And it looks cool too. I’m devastated I’m not banking off this idea, but I’ll support it, because I need some goddamn order in my life.



For price and purchase info, visit The Jean Hanger’s Kickstarter page.

  • bone voyage

    If you think you need a special hanger for your jeans (why are you hanging your jeans in the first place?) then you are a bad person.

    • Nick Grant

      what do yo do with your denim when you aren’t wearing em?

      • bone voyage

        Short term, leave them on the floor. Long term, fold them and put them in my closet. This is the article of clothing that built the railroads. They’ll be okay.

        • Nick Grant

          sorry I don’t trust anyone who folds their denim

          • bone voyage

            Says the guy who calls jeans “denim”.

          • Nick Grant

            Says the guy who went out of his way to complain about a “jean” hanger.

  • Gordon Li

    The belt loops are not places i would want to place stress on

    • The belt loops are the strongest part of a pair of jeans. Standard bartacks, double stitching, 2 layers of denim and a surged backstitch make for the perfect holding spot; thus the design. Look closely at a belt loop, it’s damn sturdy.