The Friday Find: The Leather Shop Rivet Wallet 2 Giveaway

Have we really not done a giveaway yet this year? Shit, I’m sorry guys, I didn’t realize it had been so long. Let’s rectify that, RIGHT NOW. Enter a comment below to win one of these beautiful Rivet Wallets from The Leather Shop (technically they’re called the Rivet Wallet 2, as in the sequel to the original Rivet Wallet, but that sort of throws off the flow of the sentence, don’t you think?). Anyway, they’re made in the USA out of American leather, have no stitching, and can hold up to 7 cards (plus cash). We’ll be picking the winner on Wednesday (2/25). Good luck!






For price and purchase info, visit The Leather Shop.

  • Fabrizio M. Pini

    Hope I am gonna get one. They look really great.

  • A. Tasso

    Me please

  • Dave Benach

    Oh that’s one nice looking wallet! Any chance that, without cash, it could stretch to a 10 card wallet?

  • Andrew

    I bet this will look amazing after a year or so of wear-in.

  • Alex Looney

    wallet is dope! send it my way!

  • David

    I’m in. Thanks.

  • Marco

    Thanks for doing this!

  • Bob J

    Very nice. RFID shield?

    • Watcho

      American leather has natural RFID shielding properties. That’s why it’s been used for wallets for hundreds of years.

  • ian

    people mock my velcro wallet 🙁 please help me grow up into a real man.

  • Matt P.

    I would like to have this. Pretty please.

  • john

    super nice.

  • Watcho

    I enter contests.

  • DaveD

    I’ve actually been debating on picking up a wallet from them. Winning one would be great!

  • Christopher Chu

    TheYre awesome

  • Robert W.

    I could use that! Very nice.

  • The most beautiful part is that it’s Made in the USA.

  • Wow, great design. Would love one!

  • Matt Repicky

    awesome design with the rivets and strip of leather crossing the front. reminds me a bit of the gucci horsebit… and made in the usa? i’m in!

  • Andrew

    Great wallet! Thank yah

  • justin d’elia

    Yes please ! That wallet would be an amazing gift.

  • Scott


  • Giving one away? Wowza! Yes, please!

  • Andrew

    A great product – thanks!

  • xxad


  • Ballgame

    The Gods give nuts to those with no teeth.

  • Pé Tolfo

    They making wallets and they given them away!

  • Thomas

    I lost my wallet two weeks ago, and I’ve given up searching for it.

  • Stan F

    Need to upgrade my wallet game

  • Craig Scott

    Awesome, looks great. Should last damn near forever.

  • Josh Brown

    My old wallet is falling apart. I really need a new one.

  • Matt

    That would look great in my pants next to my…cell phone.

  • R E K

    Unique & Very Nice !

  • Naw.

  • Suave Lo

    the only thing that is better than well spent is not paying at all!

  • Punhere

    Dang. I need me one of these.

  • C G

    USA! USA!

  • Ryan NYC


  • Corey K

    Looks good

  • 112010

    I Love wallets with rivets! Yes!

  • Jaime

    I like RIvets

  • Rust

    very nice! thanks for the chance!

  • Tim Baker

    2 rivets are better than one.

  • Blazingazn


  • Monica Kirkham

    Rivet-ing!!! 😉 I like.

  • Alex

    Very nice wallet!

  • Chip H

    Nothing beats a well made, american leather product! Looks Good

  • Aaron S.

    I like it.

  • Dunc PB

    wallet game straannng

  • bdxn

    count me in.

  • PatrickW

    Thanks for the great offer! I have been a lurker for a while, but I definitely enjoy the articles and the antics that the writers of this site have, it really makes sifting through my RSS feeds more enjoyable! Keep it up!

  • dnugget

    So sick – love the lack of stitching. I WANT IT.

  • Lorina Padgett

    Nice wallet

  • t.conner

    Enjoying the color of that functional wallet

  • liurobs

    Looks fantastic, would love to win it!

  • Trent H

    Das nice bra

  • Mark Miller

    That is just about the perfect color for most leather goods. Very nice.

  • Iggy

    For the win!!!

  • BobDiscord

    That is a gorgeous wallet.

  • Pat McG

    If I don’t win I’ll buy one!

  • Andrew Kamiel

    Looks great. Excited to purchase as a gift.

  • Ryan R

    Very nice. Been looking for a new wallet.

  • lifesapicnic

    10/10 would use

  • Joe

    I really like the craftsmanship of these!

  • Dano

    Small and functional, just what a wallet should be!

  • Ernest

    Looks lovely.

  • Jason L.

    that color…wow

  • Greg Kodgis

    Nice pants.


    great wallet!

  • Ernie L Quinto

    cool bad-ass wallet!, they were on sale at Huckberry recently

  • Kevin

    Great design!

  • jessica

    Would love to win. Perfect size and beautiful.

  • Brendan M

    Hoooooly, that’s beautiful.

  • fodaze

    My euros would love this wallet

  • Suzanne King

    I love the tan 2 compartments for cash, cards, and ID. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Rob

    I’d love to see it in person

  • Tim

    Gimme dat

  • Thank you

  • D Tow

    Looks good! Pick me pick me!

  • Stefan Zavislan


  • James

    No stitching?! Neato.

  • Kai Huang

    Beautiful. Would love one of these.

  • Will B

    Best card case I’ve seen in awhile. Quality and design is on point

  • igor

    DO it

  • Gshock

    Awesome, I’d love one!

  • Zach

    Ohhh purty

  • charlie


  • A. Dalit

    The dopeness!

  • Kevin

    Good looking wallet.

  • Doug Aanes

    Beautiful design.

  • Ben

    Looks perfect.

  • certainshadeofal

    looks cool!

  • Chris Gee

    Aloha & Mahalo for blessing me with this wonderful wallet.

  • Tye B

    These look awesome!