The Friday Find: East Dane Gift Card Giveaway

What would you do with a $200 East Dane gift card? Would you use it to pick up some new gear for spring / summer? Or, would you take advantage of the e-tailer’s excellent selection of men’s jeans? Or, would you tear up their 50% off mens sale? It’s a tough choice, but fortunately, only one of you will have to make it. Leave a comment below to enter to win a $200 East Dane gift card to use on anything (or things) that strike your fancy. Contest ends Friday, May 16th. Good luck!






For price and purchase info, visit East Dane.

  • Casey Olson

    I love free money. Thank you!

  • Adisal Tjung

    I would love to use this gift card to buy a pair of Quoddy camp mocs for the summer days!

  • Yu Ten

    East Dane has a good range of bags.

  • Tendon

    Would love to use this to buy friend’s presents!

  • bobchadwick

    Gitman Vintage!

  • Sanders

    I’d probably go for a new bag, possibly some quality pants.

  • Mr. S

    I would go for the Quoddy penny loafers! Thanks for running this contest, Brad!

  • Nate
  • Brett

    There’s always money in the banana stand.

  • Corey K

    This doesn’t suck!

  • dandipiero


  • This is the winning comment.

  • Steve

    The 1000 mile boots.

  • Joe Brown

    Hot damn! Count me in.

  • Colin Gurney

    yes please.

  • Matthew Lindstrom


  • Joe


  • herbertchase

    Beautiful denim shirt!

  • Asher


  • K


  • Andrew

    Thanks for this!

  • sojo2600

    The hardest part would be choosing!

  • disqus_yeu3ztllt6

    I cry a lot!

  • Ian

    Too bad $200 would maybe buy one thing on that site.

  • andrew

    non normcore threads

  • JB

    I’ll take it.

  • Scott

    Definitely some 1000 miles!

  • Andy

    Madison, WI represent! need some new shoes

  • Hey_Nineteen


  • okp3

    Make it happen!

  • ianp

    gitman vintage pleaseeeee

  • David Gussio


  • Jim Doppke

    One please!

  • Tyler

    Definitely some wolverines

  • Isreal

    I do need a crewneck:)

  • ckapolas

    Need it.

  • kael

    In! Me

  • KYLE


  • kergoth

    Definitely a pair of Quoddy’s.

  • chris

    I would lay utter waste to that gift card.

  • Phil

    I need new kicks.

  • Obi

    Sign me up!

  • JoNo

    I’m in for this!

  • Greg

    Looks like East Dane has a new fan.

  • Jeff

    Need this!

  • Rick

    I wouldn’t be opposed to some new jeans.

  • Stanislav Fomin

    need it, gots to have it

  • David Souza

    Oooh, I need some new stuff!

  • J.T.

    Some new Norse Projects pants would be nice!

  • Brian

    definitely in for this

  • Jags

    First, I’d count my lucky stars. Then I’d gather my wits and grab all the Reigning Champ I can fit into one card.

  • Yeon Hwang

    I would certainly love $200 to spend on 1000 mile boots

  • Mike N.

    I’d love to spend that $200 on a new pair of raw jawns or that GV shirt. Looks killer.

  • Patrick

    I’ll take a new filson bag. No big deal

  • aslightoffkilter

    All of the above.

  • dude man

    quoddy, dog. quodog.

  • Matt Ludvigson

    Would be very thankful for this!

  • lacitizen

    A poor college student like me might actually get a date from the clothes he could buy with that money.

  • Fab

    I would buy evrything

  • Sonny

    Count me in, I wouldn’t mind a crewneck sweatshirt.

  • Austin Russell

    to much to think of buying

  • b_r_p

    Gimme gimme gimme

  • PrimitiveCinema

    need a raincoat.

  • Lee

    I would buy all of the things

  • Watcho

    I’d like to win, please.

  • Tom

    The Lord Weird Slough Feg.

  • WideEyesTWBlog

    Yes please!! I have my eye on a few shirts and chinos…or some summer shoes…or…or…

  • Jamie

    Love those boots!

  • Michael

    Got some 70s Chucks during their sale last month, but had to pass up a RC hoodie – would love another chance!

  • dyprivatei

    I’d buy some jeans!

  • Kevin Moss

    Hook me up son.

  • Jeffrey Niblack

    I’d like to win!

  • Adam

    I would definitely try to pick up some spring/summer pieces.

  • Rick R.

    I’m sure I can put that money to good use.

  • Will

    Would definitely get a few button-ups, being that I’ve recently got rid of tons of ill-fitting ones and now have a handful… Even if I don’t win though I’ve had good experiences buying off of East Dane so I’d buy some shirts.

  • Otis Rubottom

    Thanks for the excellent ongoing content, esp. the 7 Questions feature. Keep up the great work! (I’d get a Filson bag).

  • maxim ellison

    I would get a summer floral button-up for sure.

  • Matt

    Love me some East Dane! Got my eyes on some new shoes for the summer.

  • Jesse

    I’d take that Baldwin top.

  • Jonathan

    hello 🙂 putting my name in…thanks for the great work on the site!

  • kyle

    i dig it.

  • dying to get some Quoddy Bluchers and Anonymous Ism socks to crush my spring game!

  • Cory

    Cool. Crossing my fingers (after I hit the return key).

  • Ed

    I would definitely purchase fantastic things.

  • Tommy

    Would probably get a Filson bag

  • Drew

    I’d definitely consider a pair of those boots.

  • D. Imade

    Dat briefcase tho!

  • RMD

    Need some shit

  • KMH

    Giddy Up!

  • Adrian Koziak

    Love me a sale.

  • Nick

    Dope site – Mr. Porter can eat poop

  • Serge P.

    Would definitely use it towards new BLK DNM leather jacket.

  • mapkook

    boom goes the dynamite!!


    Yes please.

  • W. Bowman

    I need a new crew neck sweatshirt!

  • rusty

    yes please

  • P. Curran

    I could work with this

  • ryan p

    Maybe some new jeans or spend it towards those Mark McNairy longwings I’ve been eyeing.

  • Mr McGowan

    wow so much great stuff!

  • Robert W.

    Count me in!

  • Sung-Gi Kim

    Would love a new shirt 😛

  • Marco M

    Let me at it!

  • peteshea

    i’m in.

  • Count Fantismo

    I would buy 17 ascots with it!

  • AK

    Those Wolverines are a thing of beauty

  • Dan Cerruti

    Gonna get me some Gitman

  • DustL82

    I’m in!

  • Yo Chi

    Neat, I’m in.

  • Gunk

    Only USA made products Save Khaki and M.Nii my personal choices.

  • Tom

    Would definitely be looking at their Inis Meain selection!

  • Matt K

    I’m In!

  • Andrew

    Yes Please!

  • Timma

    I would buy a yacht.

  • Zach

    I’m not not down.

  • Maureen

    Hook it uppppp please! Those Gitman shirts are so damn rad, I’d get 1.12 of them.

  • david


  • Mark

    In! Good Luck!

  • bernardo14

    Wooo excited!

  • jm35

    dibs on card

  • Ignat

    For the win!!

  • Andrew

    I guess I’ll find out what I want if I win the contest. Thanks for running this contest guys!

  • baehoney

    feeling lucky!!

  • Alex Urbina

    That would be sweet!

  • Yassssss.

  • sonofspain


  • Greg Kodgis

    No such thing as too many button downs!

  • dali

    stuff, i would buy stuff

  • admiralfussybottom

    off to east dane to spend my imagined winnings

  • Koan

    I’m feeling lucky.

  • William

    I’d get my seven years younger but freakishly taller brother one good looking shirt. He can fit all the cool slim fit shirts that I can’t…

  • Allen Tran


  • Philip Che

    I would kill for a pair of them wolverine 1000 mile boots!

  • so many monies. many many monies

  • Punhere

    I’m fairly sure I would buy something solid.

  • Cliff Rancho

    oh I will be baggin’ some major turd cutters with that gift card…Need it!

  • Smarrison

    My first decent pair of jeans

  • RS

    I’m in

  • Will Baker


  • PMN

    Thank you for allowing me to enter and a chance to win something.

  • John

    That Filson bag!

  • Sam M

    I could totally use a new hoodie. AWESOME site!

  • Aeneas Koosis

    Great Idea! Good Luck to all

  • Matt K

    Where to begin…classic chinos (of the sturdy, officer variety), raw denim, blazer (something that would pair well with the previous two items), leather briefcase/shoulder bag (in which to hold my East Dane $200 gift card).

  • William S

    I have been cultivating my wishlist for nigh on 6 months. let me harvest!

  • yh85

    I would use it to pick up some well-spent defined honestly crafted products! i.e. Filson, Gitman Vintage etc.

  • Nathan

    Would be a dream come true!

  • jtimes

    dat filson…

  • Ed

    I would buy $200 worth of awesome clothes! 🙂

  • CB

    After this winter, I could really use an awesome new pair of boots.

  • Steven Wang

    Ahhh, free is always good!

  • David Souza

    Ooh I could use some new stuff!

  • Pesky Peddler

    Comment Comment!!

  • jaaaaymph

    This would be a great ‘treat yo self’ gift for finishing grad school

  • js

    want that denim shirt

  • Chris

    I’m in, thanks!

  • Stefan Zavislan


  • Peter Carnevale

    Something incredibly clever!

  • Mahdi Martin

    My beautiful man would love this. I want to make him smile!

  • vacations_on

    As my nickname suggests. Always.

  • Jay Nam

    Fancy socks all day.

  • Zachary Glotfelty

    Gimme that. Zach needs a new pair of Quoddys.

  • TJ


  • whatisurpassion


  • mghallock

    Dat der Hawaiian shirt.

  • Dan

    Diggin’ It

  • Kevin Dumar

    Half a pair of boots, so… one boot

  • Nico


  • Chris

    I’d buy a nice spring weight jacket

  • John

    Ok yes nice please and thank you

  • Maxx P. Hillery

    Thirteen small pelts.

  • Tim

    Filson bag ftw

  • Michael Bauer

    Pick me, Pick me!

  • Caleb

    here’s hoping

  • B

    Great Dane.

  • Aaron

    Needs those Public School sneaks

  • Anthony

    lets get it

  • EC

    nice, tear it up

  • Sean

    get lucky

  • Scott

    BATTENWEAR! Love their clothes.

  • alwayslurking

    Those are some good-looking boots…

  • CelliniEVO

    would love to win this to limit my wife’s bitchin about spendin too much at East Dane!

  • Alexander Thomas

    It’s a good thing only one of us will suffer all those choices, I volunteer to take one for the team!

  • Tim R

    Gimme dat

    • MMc

      No whammies…

  • Spencer Vaughn

    Yes. I would like some things.

  • Rick R.

    Daddy needs a new pair o’ shoes!

  • Ben

    Good luck to me!

  • Joel M.

    All I need for summer is cologne and cashmere socks. C’mon big money.

  • John

    hot damn!

  • nick

    i would use it to kawp some new jawnz. did i get that right?

  • Zach

    New pants or a jacket!

  • Anna Pry

    id get some birkenstocks

  • Chris

    Buy moar Gitman.

  • Donovan Mafnas

    I would finally buy a new pair of jeans! And then people may like me…

  • Tyler Goulding

    This would make my life

  • raynar

    if i have $200, i would buy two button stud weekender. One for myself, and for my friends…

  • Seth Johnson

    I would buy some Billy Reid stuff.

  • Peter

    Do they sell bus tickets? Cuz, I’d buy Lafawnduh one.

  • Nick

    Those boots!

  • Olaf Ghanizadeh

    Would buy some new outerwear.

  • Sam

    Need a suit for my dad’s wedding, here goes nothing!

  • Tim

    Shirts. So many shirts

  • Vincent

    I’d get some Wolverine Boots.

  • Justin Bell

    That denim shirt is nice.

  • lomaxbernie


  • Antony

    Go Bruins

  • Hans_II

    Those Quoddy’s tho!

  • Ryan

    Could use some new Baldwins!

  • Alex

    I like the boots

  • Jimbo

    I would probably buy clothes for an Australian winter that promises so much but delivers so little. Sure, I’d have to stand in front of open freezers to get my use out of them, but there’s no doubt I’d be the best dressed crazy person in the frozen goods section of my local supermarket!

  • Joshua Albright

    I would use the gift card to curate a few really great outfits that I could use on those work days that I need to bring something extra. I work to support myself and my wife so that she can finish nursing school and we can make a better future for the two of us. Whatever I can do to show up well at work helps, and I know an outfit or two from East Dane would do just that. Thanks for the consideration!

  • Chris Burkhalter

    I would use it to stock up on colder weather items in preparation for my move from Bama to Boston!

  • Andrea Morgan

    I would buy my man some pants!

  • Keitoh Spears

    I am a young man who is finishing my first year in college. I would use this $200 gift card to purchase some button ups and fitted jeans and pants. This would set me apart from my peers, by having a different style than the rest of them. This could be an oppurtunity for me to be the man among boys on my college campus.

  • Kevin

    APC white denim jacket

  • Joseph

    Thanks for the chance!

  • temison

    Who knows – maybe it’s my turn to be lucky this time?

  • Michael

    worth a shot right? 🙂

  • A huge thanks to everyone for entering. We’ve picked our winner, and it is Otis Rubottom. Congrats Otis! Look out for an email with instructions on how to claim your card. As for the rest of you, thanks again. We’ll have another giveaway real soon.