The Bureau Map Shirts

I can’t tell you how much cash I’ve lost and how many phones I’ve dropped and cracked because of too-shallow chest pockets. That’s why I like the bigger pockets on the Engineered Garments Work Shirts, but it looks like The Bureau Belfast may have those beat with these new Map Shirts. The “hunting style” shirts, which are made in Ireland using vintage Union Special sewing machines, feature an oversized “map” pocket, which I’m assuming hunters used to hold maps to help them navigate the wild, while I’ll be using it to hold gum, various receipts, sunglasses – hell, from the looks of it, I could probably even fit a Chipotle burrito in there.







For price and purchase info, visit The Bureau Belfast.

  • Watcho

    wut is a map

    • william faulkner

      It’s something I use since I don’t have a phone or GPS at anytime, but particularly of the topo variety in the mountains.