Taylor Stitch Spring Telegraph Collection

I’m going to be completely 100 with you: I’m not much of a suit guy. I mean, I get why the super fancy ones cost what they do, and why some people would be willing to pay all that, but personally, the less I can spend while still getting something that fits well and is well-made, the happier I am. So the new Spring Telegraph Collection from Taylor Stitch is right up my alley. The range is comprised of three-season linen jackets and trousers, and 100% cotton dress shirts, all of which are proudly made in Portugal, and, you can pick up all thee together for only $404 (if you pre-order). Bangs for you buck don’t get much bang-ier than that.






For price and purchase info, visit Taylor Stitch.


    I was hoping for some new colors.

    • MIke Maher

      David – What colors are you hoping for? The cobalt slub is a lot lighter than any navy we’ve ever done and we’ve never done a light shade of grey like this either!

      • DAVIDPD

        Fair points, Mike. I guess I was wanting something in khaki or brown.

        • Mike Maher

          Great to know David! We got a khaki blazer out but will definitely keep a light brown suit in mind for next year! We did one a couple years ago and it sold well.

  • I’ve had some serious issues with the quality of their clothes, timely delivery, and terrible customer service to the point that I’m kind of done with them. Too bad. They got a couple grand out of me over the last few years.

    • Mike Maher

      Ouch Adam. Mike here. I’m one of the founders. We dug up our correspondence from your most recent orders. It seemed you were unhappy with the slubby fabric from this past spring Telegraph collection. As mentioned previously, the wool/linen blend is supposed to be slubby, much like this one is. We took the two suits back then went and scoured our distribution center and found you the two most uniform fabric on the suitss we could and sent them up to you to your seeming delight. I see you ordered the fall telegraph suit as well this past fall that delivered on time and we didn’t hear anything from you so assuming you dug that. A portion of the British Khaki chinos were miscut by our manufacturer which was totally our fault and we took that one on the chin. I’ll give you a call once I get off this plane to make sure we’re doing right by you.

      Take good care,

      • Hi Mike, although we discussed the slubs after the fact, I don’t recall anything mentioning them in the original copy for that collection – that definitely would have factored into my decision. In fact, there’s nothing in the item descriptions for your current collection mentioning that the fabric is slubby. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Also, there was no pro-active communication from TS regarding the British Khaki chinos issue – I was never told that there was a delay. There was just a 404 page on the site where they had been, and no estimated time for delivery. I had to email several times inquiring about them – the first time, I was told to expect delivery in 3-4 weeks. 6 weeks later I inquired again was eventually told that there was no time frame on their availability at all due to an unspecified production issue. I placed the order on July 21, and didn’t get a solid answer until October 27th. Maybe those issues don’t seem unreasonable to most folks, but when I front the money, I expect 1) a clear expectation of what I’m getting and when I’ll get it 2) prompt and clear communication if anything about 1) changes.

        • Mike Maher

          Adam, looked deeper into your order and correspondence regarding the British Khaki Chino and found two wrinkles: a fluke technical error between our online store and warehouse, which prevented the portion of your order with those chinos from entering the processing queue, and also prevented us from seeing that portion of your order was outstanding; and a miscommunication from one of our agents that led you to believe that, despite a widespread production issue among the batch of Chinos, that all was right with your order and that your pant was due to ship in 3-4 weeks. I’m so sorry about this. What you absolutely deserve is a clear, predictable order and service process that gives you confidence in our product and brand, as well as considerate communication should something be amiss. Unfortunately, the operation issues at play in this situation prevented us from giving you either. We know there’s always work to be done and things to improve. Along the way, we’ve been grateful to you guys & gals for providing honest feedback, and for giving us the chance to be honest with you when we’ve messed up. Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to make the necessary changes to serve you the best we can. You’ve had every right to be frustrated, but know that we really appreciate how patient you’ve been and the feedback you’ve taken time to provide. As for the slubbiness of the suits we generally let the pictures do the talking since we always try and take up close ones and linen naturally has imperfections. We don’t describe slubbiness in detail as many consumers don’t know what it is. We’ll take a look at this as well. I gave you a shout so you should have my number and I’m more than happy to chat through any of this.