Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Henleys

Shout out to the copywriter at Taylor Stitch that came up with this little gem: “our Henley’s about twice the weight of a standard cotton t-shirt, but oh-so-very soft. Imagine a heavyweight boxing champion holding a kitten…” That’s quite a visual. The shirts are also made from the “first truly waterless fabric,” which is comprised of “upcycled and recycled yarns, [that] are shredded and respun.” So, I guess, like, if that heavyweight boxer ripped the kitten apart and made a sweater out of it? Yeah, probably better I leave the copywriting to the pros at TS.

For price and purchase info, visit Taylor Stitch.

  • Shane

    I see that Taylor Stitch has been outsourcing their production a lot more recently. These are made in Honduras, for instance, and I don’t see anything on their page at all about the production facility conditions. Isn’t that a problem?