Taylor Stitch Good Acre Collection

According to the Taylor Stitch website, their new Good Acre Collection is made for people that, “aren’t afraid to jump in and get shit done. You know the type. Most often seen with sleeves rolled up and tool in hand… the makers and doers.” So, in other words, people I secretly hate because they make me feel like a lazy-ass. But even though I’m not the collection’s key demo, I can still totally get behind the waxed cotton chore coats, chambray shirts, and heavy-duty work pants. Especially with their 20% off pre-order pricing. And who knows, maybe the pieces will inspire me to get more done in my day. But probably not.

For price and purchase info, visit Taylor Stitch.

  • Love what TS is doing recently. Any idea what those white sneakers in the first photo are?

    • Tyler

      Not sure if they’re exact, but the Buttero Tanino is extremely similar to those.