Tatú Imports Belts

I can sum up Austin, TX in two words: soy chorizo. Thankfully, these Belts from Austin based Tatú Imports are bit more authentic than the city’s hipster gentrifiers. Made in Argentina from Argentinian saddle leather, they feature a traditional South American Gaucho pattern that’s woven with waxed nylon thread. And they come in a whopping twelve vibrant color combos. Keep it weird (or don’t) for $79.






For price and purchase info, visit Tatú Imports.

  • dinonyc

    As a person actually from Austin, TX, I can sum up this post in one word: incoherent. Good job insulting what I assume is this blog’s main demographic-hipster gentrifiers. Or are the readers all actual lumberjacks and brass bell-makers. ???

    • Bad Hat Harry

      You clearly take a lot of pride in where you’re from. Maybe you should drop that NYC from your name if you’re from Austin. We already have enough culture vultures who were born and raised 1,000 + miles away serving espresso for $5 and claiming to be “New Yorkers”.

  • Tatu Imports

    Thank you so much for reviewing our belts. Here’s a 15% discount code exclusively for y’all: WELLSPENT

    thanks again!