Sweated & Vetted: Best Gear of 2015

Almost a year ago, this series began out of frustration. Irked at paying ludicrous prices for workout gear with dubious origins, I fired off an e-mail to Brad that ended with, “It would be easy if I wanted to run in a loopwheeled sweatshirt, but it’s so tough to find good-looking, US-made athletic gear.” And with that Sweated & Vetted was born, and the hunt for ethically-produced, hard-wearing clothes for running, lifting, and athletics was on.

I’ve had a blast working with small, independent producers like Pettet Endurance Project and OnlyAtoms as well as bigger, more established brands like Ibex and Outlier, and I’m looking forward to rolling forward into the new year with more miles, more trails, and more companies. But for now, here’s a look back at some of my favorite ethically-produced workout gear of 2015.


Best: Outdoor Voices Runner’s High Shorts

These recycled-polyester, US-made shorts fit and perform terrifically, and they were my go-to long-run shorts until the weather forced me into tights.

Runner-up: Tracksmith Van Cortlandt Shorts

Stripped-down and minimalist, these came with me for track workouts, intervals, and 5K races.

Warm-Weather T-Shirts / Tanks

Best: Isaora Engineered Mesh-Knit T-shirt

Slim and long with superb wicking, this was the shirt I picked for my Fall A-race – the North Face 50-miler.

Runner-up: OnlyAtoms Electron Singlet

Overall, a great fit and one of my hands-down favorite fabrics.

Cool-Weather Long-Sleeve Shirts

Best: Pettet Endurance Project Shevlin

This merino wool long-sleeve tee from Oregon’s PEP was my outer layer for the North Face 50-miler. More recently, I’ve been spending cold mornings in the new, heavier-weight Shevlin+.

Runner-up: STR/KE MVMNT Vent Raglan

An ideal dual-use shirt for the gym, the bar, and a nursery school parent-teacher conference.

Thanks for reading the series everyone. We’ll see you next year!

Jason Brozek is an ultramarathon runner, lapsed Ironman triathlete, and professor at a small liberal arts college, where he teaches courses on sustainability and international politics.

  • Andrew Weiler

    Most of the christmas gifts for my athletic friends and family came from this series Jason, thanks for the cool finds and great reviews

    • Jason Brozek

      Awesome, Andrew – that’s great to hear, and thanks!

  • Kevin

    One of my favorite contributions to this site, and this site is one of my favorite menswear blogs out there. So that kinda makes you the best of the best man.

    • Jason Brozek

      Thanks, Kevin – glad you’ve enjoyed the series so far!

  • Joseph

    Agreed with the above; this has been a great series. I was wondering if that STR/KE shirt made it out on any runs and, if so, how it performed. I typically do strength training on shorter distance days and am struggling to find a shirt that does well in both areas. Thanks for your insight!

  • Bobby

    just a heads up on the STR/KE MVMNT Vent Raglan, I just purchased one and it did come with the vent sleeves. Definitely not something you could wear to a bar / parent teacher conference. Wish i got the one you were sent, not a fan of the sleeves with holes, its slightly see through.